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Jul 17, 2012 06:43 AM

Souk - Just For Laughs (food truck gathering)

Has anyone been to the Just For Laughs Souk at Place des festivals (Place des arts / Complexe Desjardins)?

Other then the blog reviews, the Facebook page and the few articles announcing the event, their isn't much publicity, not even a webpage for the event.

I would love to read people's experience / comments / reviews.

A bunch of us from work are going tomorrow at lunch, so I'll be able to make my own impression.

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    1. There was mention of it on here in the Food Events thread.
      CBC News covered it, CJAD had one of the truck girls on last week and I'm sure the French media have covered it as well. I'd say that's good publicity.

        1. re: Maximilien

          Yes, open from noon until 11pm daily from what was posted on twitter

        2. Lots of commentary on twitter about it!

          1. I took my family down for dinner and here's our report.

            I started with a "Maine" sandwich from La Mangeoire, basically a fried haddock sandwich. They'd run out of fries and a few of their other sandwiches so their chalkboard was full of scratched out items. No problem as this sandwich was very tasty and well-prepared. Next time I'll try the ribs sandwich which lots of people around me were enjoying.

            My kids wanted a Philly Cheesesteak and got that at Death Grill but although it was deemed pretty authentic by my husband (who used to eat them in Boston in his college days) they didn't love it.

            Next was a duck poutine from Lucky ?? which had handmade chips instead of fries which I thought was a problem but they didn't mind and my husband thought the duck was good. At $7 it seemed like a small portion compared to the sandwiches one truck over.

            Then I had octopus balls for $3 at Takoyaki. They were being painstakingly prepared and didn't look great but tasted really good. We also had a lobster roll that was very mild and a bit sweet, pretty good but not my favourite way to consume lobster.

            And the boys shared a classic beef and cheese pie which we knew they'd love since the truck was from the Australian tourtiere shop.

            My oldest son had a big maple sugar cotton candy, freshly prepared which was fun to watch, and the youngest opted for a creamy chocolate dipped soft ice cream.

            So all in all, a great way to eat out and have a lot of variety. We calculated that we tried about 15 things (drinks, popsicle as well) for less than $60. Oh, it's annoying that there is great seating with umbrellas quite far from the trucks and no seating anywhere nearby to enjoy the food while it's hot. Something for the festival people to improve in the future.

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              I went yesterday. The highs were the octopus balls or Takoyaki. Though mostly doughy with a small piece of octopus, they were very tasty, covered with mayo, sweet brown sauce and bonito flakes. Also the "Delicieuse" aka lobster club sandwich from La Mangeoire was very good: a fried egg, 3 layers of bread, morsels of lobster with a lemony may and some tomato confit (no bacon). With a small serving of sweet potato chips. Not cheap though ($18). Also good was the chee'burger from Winneburger (Nouveau palais people). Tasty but smallish burger on a brioche bun.

              The low was definitely the philly cheese steak from Death Grill. Beef was flavourless and dry, runny velveeta cheese, some red peppers. It was tasteless.
              The Bahn Mi Pork Taco from Grumman was OK, but nothing more.

              I could not find the announced Tiki Bar, I asked around but no one knew. Also the little chalets were not installed (including the one from the Apollo team, I heard they were not happy about this). Not sure why.

              One beer stand was selling Fin du Monde, Maudite, Ephemere, etc.

              I found everything to be on the pricy side, but then again festival food is usually pricy. But I welcome this new trend and the variety.

              1. re: estilker

                I saw some guys standing in a booth with hard liquor and no sign or menu. Could that have been the Tiki Bar? If so, it wasn't very dynamic.

                1. re: Plateaumaman

                  No, because I asked them and the girl in the booth asked me what a tiki bar was. :-)

              2. re: Plateaumaman

                Porchetta sandwich from La Mangeoire truck - 9/10
                Pulled pork sandwich from Pas de cochon right after they poured a can of beer on it - 7/10
                Cold salad from Dada with lamb - 9/10
                Takoyaki, too doughy - 3/10
                Duck confit sandwich from Lucky - 8/10
                Grilled cheese with duck confit from Apollo - 8/10
                Cold salad from Dada with tuna - 9/10
                Fruit salad from Dada with pineapple, strawberry and avocado cream - 9/10
                Raspberry + White chocolate Revello from Cremy - 8/10