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Jul 17, 2012 06:41 AM

2 searches: Great Indian and Great Asian

Thanks all for your suggestions for a great "one restaurant" for a bunch of NY colleagues visiting.
We couldnt get into BCW, but went to Joe Fortes for dinner last night - it was good.
(For lunch, went to Cardero's - exactly what we needed for lunch - also good).

Now I'm on the hook for a fantastic Indian for one night and a fantastic Asian for another night.
Challenge is that we need to find reservations (Had been recommended Vij's, but unfortunately can't take the risk and just wait for a table since they don't take reservations).

What do you local experts recommend? (we're staying near harborfront)

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  1. You could go to Rangoli which is also owned by Vij.
    It's right next door to Vij's. Rangoli is very casual. If you want to venture into India town (49th and Main) you will have lots of Indian options. I also like Palki on Commercial Drive.

    For Asian do you want Japanese? Chinese? Vietnamese? You'll have to narrow it down for us.

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    1. re: waylman

      Thanks. What about maurya?

      For Asian, needs to be high end
      Vietnamese or Thai? Or again something very good but not sushi.

      1. re: rikk

        I've never been to Maurya but I hear it's good.
        Check out Maenam for Thai or Bao Bei for modern Chinese.

        1. re: waylman

          Maenam is a good choice. Chef Angus An used to cook for David Thompson at Nahm. Bao Bei can be good. Pan-Chinese with fusiony meanderings into other parts of Asia. Good cocktails. Not "highend" but could be worthy is Fat Dragon which is conceptually an Asian BBQ/Smokehouse. Interesting menu that manages to avoid the cliches of Asian fusion. Food verging on experimental so not everything will be great. Sketchy part of town.

          1. re: waylman

            Maurya is expensive and just okay but is a lovely room and does take reservations. Maenam is prolly the closest to high end Thai we have and does take reservations. Bao Bei does not take reservations and can be a zoo, not a place I'd recommend for a work-related function.

            1. re: waylman

              Never had a disappointing meal at Maenam. Service is great and they've got an excellent cocktail menu as well. I'm pretty sure it's the best choice in town for high-end non-Japanese/Chinese.

        2. Thanks for your comments and suggestions! We went to Maurya. service was great, and food was very tasty and quite delish!
          Heading back to East Coast tomorrow morning; all my colleauges left.. so I've got dinner by myself tonight, hanging nearby the hotel - exhausted after a busy week.