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Jul 17, 2012 06:24 AM

Best Vegan Bakeries?

What are your favorite vegan bakeries or, in the alternative, vegan baked good at nonvegan store?

I recently had some disappointing cupcake tops, donuts and cookies at Babycakes NYC (LA downtown store). I paid $19.50 for a small box of like 6 tiny things. The texture of the cupcake tops was so dense and heavy and not in a good way and the crumb is very rough on these things. The funny thing is that when I cook from the Babycakes cookbook, my chocolate cupcakes always turn out moist and fudgy. The lemon coconut had a decent frosting, but the problem is that it all has to be refrigerated for the frosting to be a nice thick texture and not strangely bouncy in texture, but when the frosting is cold, so is the cake and the cake part is just horrible when cold. I liked the chocolate frosted doughnut, but I finally realized that what I really liked about it was the thick chocolate frosting.

TELL ME WHERE TO GO SO I MIGHT AVOID THIS DISAPPOINTMENT IN THE FUTURE. I am looking for anywhere in the world, really. It will be my excuse to travel. I am not looking for desserts that are "good for being vegan". I want desserts that are just plain good to eat. Thank you in advance.

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  1. My only experience has been with cupcake bakeries. Both of these were delish...

    The Divine Cupcake in Eugene, OR
    Pattycake Bakery in Columbus, OH

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      Ooh, Ohio, that's really interesting. Thanks!

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        Another recommendation for Pattycake Bakery.

      2. Auntie Loo's in Ottawa, ON. That girl's sweet treats are just bang on!

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            Ooh, I like her coffee cake, but any of her cupcakes are fantastic as well. I haven't tried her Whoopie pies yet but mostly because I live four hours away!

        1. Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA! Check out their website, as they are carried lots of places in NYC and Philly as well.

          1. The desserts at Sacred Chow in NYC are great. Caravan of dreams used to have a delicious raw cacao and raspberry tart, not sure if it's still on the menu,

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              Oh boy, I remember that tart at Caravan of Dreams, and something with a kind of banana ice cream, a raw chocolate cake and raspberry sauce. Does Caravan of Dreams have a cookbook?

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                The raw chocolate cake is what I was thinking of. They changed the menu a while ago and we didn't love it so haven't really been back since

            2. sweet freedom bakery in philly is fantastic! it's vegan and also gluten-free