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Grape leaves?

Anyone know where I can buy a jar of grapes leaves near Quincy. Milton Market stopped carrying them and Stop & Shop doesn't carry them. Any place within 20 miles would work for me. Thanks!

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  1. If you want fresh, in the parking lot in back of the Clam Box at Wollaston Beach along the fence they are growing.
    Look for the smaller leaves, as the big leaves may be tough this time of year.

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    1. not near Quincy, but all Armenian stores in Watertown usually sell them

      1. market basket usually has them at the deli

        1. Within 20 miles any Middle Eastern grocery in Rossie or West Roxbury, Shawmut Ave Syrian market. I'd check yourmajor markets in the area.

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            I've seen 'em on the deli counter in my Market Basket (Lowell), and I'd bet the others have them.

            like MABMAQ said

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              Do you mean the MB deli counter has stuffed grape leaves? I could be wrong, but I thought that jjbourgeois was looking for just jars of grape leaves, ready to be stuffed.

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                Allstonian, I regularly see jars on unstuffed grape leaves on top of the counter at the deli at MB

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                  The deli counter is where MB displays the jars of grape leave, on and near the deli counter.

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                    Good to know - I would never think to look there for them!

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                      Market Basket has Levant brand 32 oz. jar on sale for $2.99 this week.

            2. Are you looking for stuffed grape leaves or just the leaves?

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                Just the leaves Dave. It sounds like Market Basket is the place to go. I'll grab some this weekend. Thanks everyone!!

              2. Two suggestions.
                There is a great Syrian Market in the South End on Shawmut Ave next door to Formaggio. It is very well stocked.

                Also, I have seen grape leaves at To Dine For on Nantasket Ave in Hull. They have amazing Syrian food in addition to some grocery items. Maybe call ahead.

                1. I realize this is an old post, but in my quest to get a reveiw for Market Baskets stuffed grape leaves, this came up. I noticed they are on sale this week at M.B., 10 for a dollar!
                  Has anyone had them, and give an opinion?

                  I went to M.B. For the first time recently and couldn't believe the low prices. Any other "goodies" at M.B. I should be on the look out for?

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                    I'm probably spoiled growing up with stuffed grape leaves and make them all the time.

                    I've tried the Market Basket ones once before and did not like them.
                    Here's a fresh batch of Yalanchi from my fridge from fresh picked leaves.i picked this week.
                    Now is prime time for picking them fresh.

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                      where can you find fresh grape leaves (besides behind the Clam box)? Those look great!

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                        They grow wild so you have to look for them along the roadside.
                        You want the ones that are green in one side and white on the back side.
                        If you know what to look for you'll find them in just about every town.
                        Besides the ones I have growing in my yard, I don't have to go far to find more.

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                          Sorry, not sure what I was thinking but you don't want to pick the ones that are White on the back side.
                          Here are a few pictures what to look for.
                          I just saw these on the side of the road coming back from Plum Island just now, and if I didn't have a freezer full of them now I would of started picking them.

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                            arax in watertown had fresh grape leaves last week

                        2. re: Annief123

                          Annie, I believe this thread is mostly referring to the jarred grape leaves used to make your own, not the pre-made leaves at MB. (I haven't tried those).

                          The dairy and seafood at MB are almost always great deals, as are most of the produce and meat items on sale. I've found that I have to plan ahead if I'm using something like avocados or stone fruit, though, since there's such heavy turnover that they usually need a few days to ripen. I pick and choose what produce I buy and happily buy things like onions, peppers and greens but prefer to buy in-season produce at local farmers' markets in season.

                          You might want to start a new thread just on Market Basket goodies.