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Jul 17, 2012 05:19 AM

Pig Roast

A few weeks ago, someone was asking about where to get a roasted pig. I said I had ordered a 40 lb roasted pig from Tropical Hut in Old Bridge for $200 for a party in mid-July.

Well, we had it this past weekend and both the Party and the Pig were awesome. I pig it up at 4pm and the pig was still hot. It came in a open cardboard box with the bottom lined with tin foil and banna leaves. The skin was super crisp, some of the meat was juicy and some was dry. They included a grey lump sauce that I think was made out of the pig liver.

I served it with grilled pineapple, the liver sauce and my own sweet sauce (soy sauce, sugar, ginger & garlic). It was a big hit. I am attaching some photos below.

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  1. Thanks! I am having a backyard party the end of october and was looking for reviews on Tropical Hut in OB. Did you call to place your order? I was thinking of swinging by one night after work to check the place out.

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      I did this last year...I went to Tropical Hut (its on my way home from work) so I could talk to proprietors and place my order.

      I really enjoyed was very crisp and the sauce it came with was very good.

      Recommend it highly....
      my only regret is not sampling some of the other offerings on their catering menu....
      When I was there to order and pick up ....there seemed to be a brisk carry out business going on

    2. Nice pics! That looks delicious. Is the pig cooked over wood/charcoal or just "oven" cooked?

      1. We use the Tropical Hut location in Somerdale NJ. Always a big hit for parties and we always make sure to order at least 2 weeks in advance. Filipinos always order these for the holidays so you 'll see stacks of the whole pig waiting to be picked up and the smell is heavenly. The brown sauce is indeed a liver sauce and is tangy with vinegar and delicious with white rice. The skin is so crisp.

        My African American hairdresser wanted one for a backyard party and arrived in a mini-Cooper which is not conducive to cargo this large. Rather than chopping the pig in half in the parking lot or carrying it on the roof, he called his waiting relatives at the party to bring a bigger car. They arrived in a pick up truck and he said the lechon was literally gone in shreds in less than an hour.

        When my Irish born husband first married me, he was tasked with picking up our party pig for all the holidays. He and some of my American born friends had never seen an entire pig cooked head to tail. The more squeamish avoided it, the adventurous ones always ask for if we're having "pig in a box" at our parties...