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Jul 17, 2012 05:07 AM

3 day trip for cool cocktails, great food and other tips -30yr old newlyweds

Husband and I arrive Friday morning from Virginia and staying at the W. Currently have reservations Friday night at Trulucks, Saturday at Seersucker, and Sunday at Cowboy star. Thoughts? Nervous about seersucker...

We don't mind walking quite a bit from place to place. Also want to hit linkery, georges, Eddie v's, top of the market, j six?

For drinks, lions share, alchemy, vagabond?

Appreciate any insight in advance!

We are looking for hip/fun atmosphere where we can sit at the bar, barhop, maybe hear some good music...thanks all!

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  1. Congrat's to you!

    Nobel Experiment
    Grant Grill at the US Grant Hotel
    Top of the Hyatt
    Fish Market Downtown back patio bayfront
    Island Prime happy hour
    Bali Hai for the best mai tai
    Marine Room in LJ for drinks and apps in the bar with the waves hitting the glass
    Eddie V's
    Alfonso's in LJ for margs and nachos
    JRDN at Tower 23 in PB
    Green Flash or World Famous on the boardwalk after riding bikes from Hamels
    Brigantine Shelter Island
    Candelas in Coronado..take the water taxi over from the Gaslamp
    Marriott Gaslamp roof top bar overlooking Petco

    1. You'll like Linkery, excellent links, good beer selection and usually a cask selection as well.

      1. Not sure what kind of restaurants you are looking for but why choosing a overpriced and mediocre Truluck which is just a chain restaurant. Pick something which is unique for San Diego, e.g. Georges, Wine Vault, Kitchen 1540, Cafe Chloe, Delicias

        1. Agree with Honkman's advice on Truluck's and his alternatives. Seersucker on a Sat. nite=very noisy, very crowded. Would sub out Vagabond and sub in El Take It Easy.

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            Thank y'all so much. Ok, will take away trulucks and seersucker. Friday can we do island prime for drinks then top of the market fish market for dinner? Walking distance?

            Saturday am thinking georges, eddie v's, or Chloe. Looking at el take it easy now.


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              I would go to Cafe Chloe on Friday for dinner (don't take reservations but wait isn't long) and you can sit and eat at the wine bar. Walk over for a dessert to Chocolat and either move to Grant Lounge (laid back) or Searsucker/JSix Lounge (hip) for some cocktails. Saturday have great dinner at Georges and finish your night at Starlite with a late night snack and cocktails.

              1. re: Racheleats

                You don't want to walk from Island Prime to Top of the Market. Harrowing and very long.

                1. re: Racheleats

                  For Saturday, I would take a look at the Wine Vault and Bistro - 5 course tasting menu along with 5 drinks for $50/pp.

              2. agree with all comments above. sound advice. for cocktails, we like Craft & Commerce in Little Italy. Entire bar opens to pleasant, tree-lined street. It's kind of Brooklyn-y with a SD spin, but I've enjoyed mightily my cocktails (and artisan corndogs) there. Malarkey's places (Seersucker) are known for noise, cruising, and club-scene atmosphere. I believe they contract out their mixology.

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                1. re: pickypicky

                  +1 on Craft and Commerce, and a short walk from the hotel.

                  1. re: zmirzlina

                    Many, many thanks all! Will tweak my plans and report back.