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Jul 17, 2012 04:02 AM

What will I miss when I move to Texas?

I've been in London four and a half years and am looking at a move to Texas (Houston) in a few months' time. I'm pretty omnivorous, and have eaten widely at chowhound's suggestions in London over the years, and enjoy basically all ethnic food and fine dining, probably leaning more towards modernist than classical.

My wife is not a fan of subcontinental food, in all its diverse manifestations, so probably the single biggest loss relative to London won't be much of an issue for me.

So, what else am I going to miss, and which places should I make part of a farewell tour?

I gather that Houston does well foe Mexican, Barbecue, South American, Vietnamese and at least some varieties of Chinese, but I'm worried about Lebanese, West African and Malay options - as well as french wines, cheeses and ingredients.

I've pencilled in a very traditional English meal at either Wilton or Rules (other suggestions gratefully accepted) maybe come grouse season, and a meal at either the Ledbury or the Square, and again would appreciate advice as to which to pick. And I have a long weekend in Paris planned to eat a lot of cheese. Beyond that it's open season...

Thanks in advance

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  1. Get ready for culture shock.

    Houston is a huge city, so you should be able to find something to meet your cravings. You may have to drive a couple of hours to get there, though. Remember that public transportation is abysmal. Everyone drives everywhere.

    You may want to check out this thread for ethnic eats in Houston:

    Your best bets in Houston are certainly Mexican, barbecue, and Cajun. The Cajun food in Houston rivals that found in Lafayette, LA. It's seriously good. You may want to post on the Houston board as well.

    My guess is that you will miss the temperate climate and British manners the most. Texans are a boisterous bunch.

    1. Houston is a very large and cosmopolitan city. I think you'll be surprised at how many fine restaurants there are. It used to be and probably still is a very wealthy community in parts because of the oil industry - lots of $$$!

      You'll find lots of good Tex-Mex food but also look for the more sophisticated, true Mexican cuisine.

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