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Jul 17, 2012 03:57 AM

How can I add garlic to a sauce after it's cooked?

I've got some leftover sauce from Pork Osso Bucco I made last night. I forgot to add garlic to it but want to use it as a pasta sauce. Is there a good way to add the garlic now?

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  1. Add a bit of olive oil to the bottom of a sauce pot. Add some garlic and sautee for a few seconds (until it starts to bloom) and then add your sauce. Bring the sauce up to a simmer. If you can do that a day in advance even better.


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      i like this technique using crushed garlic; it'll "melt" the fastest and fewer cloves will give you the same punch.

    2. I agree with Davwud and alkapal. You can always cook your garlic (crushed) separated and add it back in. Crush the garlic, cook the garlic (either in oil, in water, or whatever liquid you were originally planning), cook to the texture you are happen with, transfer the garlic along with the liquid to your other leftover sauce.

      1. Yup, I'll have to agree with everyone else. Although if you want a longer-cooked flavour, you could roast a head of garlic in the oven (or several separate cloves, still in their skins, in a dry skillet), mash up the cloves once they're done, and stir that in.

        1. Using garlic powder will avoid having to re-cook the sauce. It will meld and flavor the refrigerated dish and there will be no chance of too much sharpness.