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Jul 17, 2012 02:14 AM

Bar/lounge with good people mix in LA?

Hey chowhounds!

Coming up for air from grad school and coupledom...and trying to get my groove back.

Want to find some cool bars/lounges where there's a mix of folks, people of color and white folks, and not all college aged kids, 30's and 40 y.o.'s would be great. Of course, excellent food is a bonus, but good drinks, either beer/wine and/or well-mixed, strong cocktails and a fun atmosphere (either subdued or festive, you pick your version of fun) is what I'm looking for. Anywhere in LA city proper is fine.

Any suggestions? And if it's a place you frequent, what nite(s) of the week are best (i.e., least touristy, least college/frat loudness/drunkenness)?


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  1. Have you been to Perch? It is located Downtown on a rooftop in a historic building. I was there on a Friday two weeks ago...great mix of people and great atmosphere.

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      thx robertc, I'll try it n let u know how it goes.

    2. Laurel Hardware would be a great pick.

      1. La Descarga had a good crowd which leaned slightly older.