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Jul 16, 2012 11:36 PM

How Old Was It?

OK, Hounds, top this!

In the bottom of the freezer we found a can of Minute Maid Pink Lemonade. "Best By" date: June 26, 2001! So we did what any sensible person would do with something that expired over 11 years ago...we mixed it up. It tasted fine.

So, what's the oldest thing you've found in the back of the cupboard or in the bottom of the freezer? What did you do with it? The sensible thing and chuck it? Or did you prepare it somehow and eat it? If it was the latter, how was it? More importantly, would you do it again?

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  1. Ha ha ha. I have certainly eaten things which are very old, but those were meant to have long shelf life like dried ginseng and others. I don't think I have ever tried something which is 11 years past the expiration date. You are awesome.

    1. That is so cool Al! I found some six month old eggnog that got shoved to the back of my fridge. Still sealed. So I tried to just see how long I could keep it. After about two and a half years someone threw it out. :( It was like losing a mascot. /sniff

      1. Found a package of unopened cream cheese iin fridge... easily 6 months or more past date on box. Hadda open it up... expecting a total science experiment... but it was fine.

        1. In August 1988 I sold my parents' home and was cleaning it out for their move to Florida. I had to attack the big 10 door ice cream style chest freezer in the garage. For years my father had given my mother a hard time about not knowing what was in the freezer as she was too short to reach the bottom levels.
          We found a package of lox that had been put away after my brother's Bar Mitzvah in May 1959.
          My mother defrosted it and served it to my father for breakfast the next day. When he complained how bad it was, my mother replied: "You deserve it, I've been asking for an upright freezer since 1963!"
          The home in Florida had an upright.
          The oldest thing I had in my own freezer was the toip to my wedding cake, which we took out for our15th anniversary. PURE SAWDUST!

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            Same thing with the top of the wedding cake, 20 years, just a pile of or a blob something.

          2. I may have eaten hard candies from the 1980's...but that's about it. Not too too too adventurous in that area.