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Jul 16, 2012 10:03 PM

2012 Vineyard trip with the family

Hello! Please share any recommendations for high end and/or casual family restaurants on the Vineyard. I will be staying in West Tisbury with my family (husband & two kids, 4 & 11) and we are all foodies. I have read about State Road Restaurant and it looks great, what do you think? I've lived in CA for decades but was raised in Boston & crave traditional New England fare when I visit. Where are the best fried clams? Lobster roll? Chowder? I need to indulge in all of those things while we are there! We eat out regularly with our kids who are well behaved little foodies (example, after waiting an hour+ for a table for lunch they later discussed how the food was 'worth the wait'). Thoughts? Thanks in advance for all of your thoughts. I've done some research & have some lists but always check with hounds when I travel.

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