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Jul 16, 2012 07:07 PM

Converting proportions on indgredient list of citrus coleslaw

I had the spicy citrus coleslaw from Fresh and Easy and would love to have a recipe for it. Luckily they listed all of the ingredients and not the ubiquitous phrase "herbs and spices". It wasn't as spicy as it was more tangy with a nice hint of sweetness citrus from the maple syrup and orange juice. I am horrible at getting proportions correct - if I experimented with it I'd get 1 cup of good dressing and a gallon of dreck . If there are any recipe sleuths out there please help me. More over it doesn't have to be exact. Please nothing with mayo. BTW, as a quick spur of the moment purchase it was very yummy and extremely healthy. The list:

Maple Syrup
Red Onions
Distilled Vinegar
Orange Juice Concentrate
Lemon Juice Concentrate
Anaheim Peppers
Canola Oil
Corn starch???
Salt and Pepper

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