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Jul 16, 2012 05:46 PM

What is the name for this non-Italian pasta dish?

I found the recipe in an old Saveur. Maybe Middle Eastern, maybe Eastern Block. You make tiny triangular pasta filled with ground lamb and bake them in the oven until brown. Then you add stock and cover until they absorb the liquid and get tender. They're served with yogurt and ???? Can anyone give me the name for these--my Googling has gotten me nowhere. Thanks.

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  1. Saveur March 2006 ... Manti (Turkish / Armenian dumplings).

    They are baked (and braised), then served with garlic yogurt sauce, topped with fresh mint, some chili powder, and finished with a drizzle of olive oil.

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    1. Yep on the Manti. Delicious stuff. If you like that, Google "Aushak," which is different but rolls with stuffing the pasta wi melted leeks and serving it with a meat sauce, yogurt and mint, chili oil etc.

      1. Thank you both so much. I will continue to look for the magazine since the recipe doesn't come up with a search on their site for "manti."

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          Given Cheese Boy's date, this looks like a reasonable recreation of the Saveur recipe.

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            Thanks so much. I found that same basic recipe on Martha Stewart's whereas so many other just boil or steam them without baking them first, which is what I found wonderful.

        2. I think you are looking for "shish barak". Mom makes makes it but in a round shape not a triangle. Love that stuff!