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Jul 16, 2012 05:38 PM

Portable induction or butane burners in lieu of range top.

I have a small kitchen and on one website I saw kitchen that used good quality portable induction burners instead of a range top. The burners are stored away when not in use. After looking at my stove I started to visualize (and drool over) all of the extra space I could free up if the range was not there. For the most I only use two burners at a time. If anyone has any experience in this area I'd appreciate your 2 cents even if it was a short term solution for a kitchen remodel. If it didn't work out what would you do differently? If it worked out which brand did you use and what would you do to improve the set up? I have done a CH search on induction burners, I am interested how they are implemented for efficient use.Thanks

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  1. An induction cooktop or normal electric model can be mounted in a drawer that slides out. The ones I have seen are in European kitchens. In a small house or apartment, I could see this being a good solution to preserve counter space for things you use a lot more.

    Commercial quality portable induction cookers work real nice too. You could always store one away when you don't need it.