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Jul 16, 2012 04:18 PM

ISO Original Brownberry Healthnut bread recipe

I am dying here. I have a craving for this wonderful bread that some bread company bought, changed the recipe, then stopped selling here. I wrote to them awhile back and got a reply that there wasn't that much of a demand, blah blah blah. Lies. When it was sold by Brownberry, I was lucky to get a loat as it would be sold out- I would have to hit several stores sometimes just to score one loaf.

Does anyone have a bread recipe that will get me close to this wonderful bread?

Oh, and to the company who bought this brand, I really appreciating you using the name Healthnut bread on a huge, calorie laden piece of cardboard that comes nowhere near what that wonderful bread used to be before you destroyed it.

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  1. I tried this link:
    but regardless of the zip code I enter a source didn't materialize.

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      I think there is a small bakery making it in the midwest in very small quantities and they don't ship. The customer service agent insisted that there wasn't a demand for it This was several years ago so I don't know if it is still being made anywhere.

      I wish there was a bread recipe someone has come that is even barely similar. That bread was heavenly.

    2. I hope you find a recipe because it's still sold by me but it's completely different. I sent Bimbo a scathing email about the new recipe which makes the bread no longer unique and hearty. It's just another soft whole grain bread, isn't it! I'm with you RouxGirl- missing that delicious, solid, nutty bread!!

      1. i completely agree. And I was told the same thing by Arnold bread. Now they have a couple of new breads that get closer to Healthnut than Arnold's Healthnut brand, but not quite. Healthfull with sunflower and flax seed is the best, but the texture and isn't like the Brownberry bread and it doesn't have all the nuts and sprouts that Brownberry put in theirs, plus sugar is the third ingredient and it has honey and cellulose fiber, too.