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Dress code at lunch for 15 East?

In this weather, my dress tends to be shorts and sneakers and a shirt. Is that OK for 15 East? Or what is needed?

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    1. There is no formal dress code, and I've eaten there dressed casually without any issue, but the majority of people there will likely be business types in button down shirts and slacks.

      1. as said above, there is no dress code...but imo, wearing shorts and sneakers would look very lame...

        1. Don't go to the best sushi place in the city in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. Can you? Sure. Just don't.

          1. I see chefs from other restaurants eat at 15 East all the time in shorts and tees.

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              Agree with thegforceny, at least wear a collared shirt.

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                we are talking LUNCH, and 100 degrees. I'm going naked today

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                    Naked like raw fish!

                    EDIT: This is such a right coast/ left coast issue; I'm reminded of my nephew who had to shepherd Google NoCal staff coming to DC to lobby Congress for one fiduciary favour or another. Members of Congress, mind you, and the Cali visitors wailed, "you mean I have to wear a shirt with a collar to meet them. wtf?!"

              2. Another question - just reserved at 15 east for lunch time next month, do they have the possibility of tasting menu also at lunch? Should i expect same quality as evening and do i have to be "concerned" that reservation is dining room and not sushi bar? And will put some clothes on, i promise "-)

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                  I'm not sure about the tasting menu at lunch.

                  As for the sushi, if you're not sitting at the bar, don't expect Mr. Shimizu to be the one making your sushi - he often, if not always, has someone else prepare the sushi for the dining room.

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                    Shimizu-san will be behind the sushi bar through august , or at least most of it. Usually he is not there for lunch , but in the summer he is due to people's vacations. He does omakase at lunch. It is not as good as the dinner,, as the assortment is less. As Lexismore says, you don't sit in dining room for sushi, I totally agree. So if you are going for sushi sit at the sushi bar. You will get a cooked dish with the omakase. I think i had uni soba last time with my lunch. If it is cooked food,that you really want I recommend you go elsewhere.

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                      Thanks all for the information, i think i will cancel the lunch and maybe reserve early dinner through phone at the sushi counter. I sometimes feel abit awkward to seat at the "center of things" at such upscale sushi places, mainly cause my sushi knowledge, "skills" and expirience is not the highest.. Not a lot of opportunities to dine this way. But i think i will "overcome my fears" and do that :-) And sashimi omakase is the plan, maybe a bit of sushi on the side "-)
                      Regarding cooked food - i will reserve kyo ya for the next evening, so i guess it might feel nicely the kaiseki "cooked food" spot.. With EMP booked for lunch the day before 15 east, hope to have very nice expiriences at all places, looking forward for that.

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                        nothing to fear at 15 East -- Masato-san is friendly and instructive and by the time you finish dinner you'll have a fine grasp of what great sushi is all about...i'd recommend getting a sashimi/sushi omakase (as great as the sashimi is there, the nigiri is what really what sets 15 East apart and should be enjoyed at length :)

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                          The different cuts of tuna and his assortment of uni are really good things to get at 15 East.

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                          It sounds like you have some stellar meals lined up, I'm sure you will have a great experience. There is nothing special that you need to know to do to eat at the sushi counter. The sushi pieces come already seasoned (the chef brushes on soy or other topping where he thinks they are appropriate), all you have to do is eat them and enjoy! Agree with Simon that the sushi pieces are particularly special at 15 East.