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Jul 16, 2012 04:05 PM

Dress code at lunch for 15 East?

In this weather, my dress tends to be shorts and sneakers and a shirt. Is that OK for 15 East? Or what is needed?

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    1. There is no formal dress code, and I've eaten there dressed casually without any issue, but the majority of people there will likely be business types in button down shirts and slacks.

      1. as said above, there is no dress code...but imo, wearing shorts and sneakers would look very lame...

        1. Don't go to the best sushi place in the city in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. Can you? Sure. Just don't.

          1. I see chefs from other restaurants eat at 15 East all the time in shorts and tees.

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            1. re: Ricky

              Agree with thegforceny, at least wear a collared shirt.

              1. re: chervil9

                we are talking LUNCH, and 100 degrees. I'm going naked today

                  1. re: alkonost

                    Naked like raw fish!

                    EDIT: This is such a right coast/ left coast issue; I'm reminded of my nephew who had to shepherd Google NoCal staff coming to DC to lobby Congress for one fiduciary favour or another. Members of Congress, mind you, and the Cali visitors wailed, "you mean I have to wear a shirt with a collar to meet them. wtf?!"