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Jul 16, 2012 04:00 PM

Nice bistro (whitby)

Disappointing evening at this French bistro. Pork was tough accompanied by bland pasta, salmon not cooked and when returned, next time overcooked even though they decided to start over so we were all eating at different times, accompanied by good asparagus and small square of scalloped potatoes, the three desserts we tried (dome, blueberry cake and chocolate torte) not worth the $6 and also not worth ordering. When asked about the long time to await the desserts we were told they were being warmed. Impossible to converse either other diners too loud or we suspect problem with acoustics. Service lackadasical and aloof for us throughout, we felt ignored . If they dont have time to refill water they should just put carafe of water on table. Wine glass replenished with water. Certainly not worth the 150+ for 3 appetizers, mains, desserts and small carafe of wine. Would we recommend, no; Would we return, no. We were disappointed as we looked forward to the French ambiance and cuisine on Bastille Day.

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  1. Sounds like a not-so-nice bistro.

    Sorry, I really couldn't resist. :)

    1. Sorry to hear as I have had good bistro food there. It is a family operation with a one man crew (Chef Bernard) which explains the chaos in the timing. If something goes wrong it becomes impossible for him to recover. Usually the food is good and the service fun and lively. I grew up in the area and other than hamburgers their really isn't anything remotely good in the Durham area . I would give it another chance!