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Jul 16, 2012 03:54 PM

Fratelli Village Pizzeria - Any post-fire update?

Beau and I would love to après-zoo at Fratelli's. Does anyone know if they'll be reopening soon or ever?

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  1. Last I heard they were opening in it's the end of October and I haven't heard anything. I practically live behind them and sure miss that place. Rumor has it the owners wouldn't mind having a bigger place but would love to stay in the area because they have many regulars from Highland Creek. The spot at the opposite end of that plaza just vacated....I wonder if maybe they'll move over??? Maybe I should ask all my Italian friends if they have heard anything.

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      There's a lot of nostalgia and loyal, local customers tied to that location. However, it was clear from the first time I went that they had long since outgrown it. I'm sure Fratelli will return. Perhaps they decided that there's a lesson to be taken from every experience and this one was to give their customers more of what they want. A place to sit, relax, and enjoy their very special local restaurant.

    2. Talked to a friend who always seems to know what is going on....The target reopening has been set for February 2013. Sounds like they have been having headaches with electrical (cause of the fire), the owner of the plaza, the roof and dealing with the city. So that is why they are taking longer than anticipated. Hopefully Feb is true, or there abouts since you never know with renos.

      1. Well Googs, the time has come. My family ordered take out from Fratelli's on Saturday and boy they haven't missed a beat! The pizzas actually taste better than I remember and those deep fried calamari are oh so good. The place was packed with a 30 minute wait and it was only 6:30 pm. They officially opened Feb. 28th and they've been busy since. I didn't have time to talk to Sal, just shake his hand and welcome the resto back, but I have heard that they will only open for lunches one day a week. Aside from that they are open from 5pm on. There wasn't much change in the design of the place and the food was fab. I didn't get a chance to look at the specials that day, but I am waiting for that grilled octopus to come back.

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          NOOOOoooohhhh I was hoping to keep a lid on that for just a little longer. It's not like they're hurting for diners. LOL

          Had you looked at the chalkboard, you would have seen your grilled octopus. And yes, it was every bit as delicious as I remembered. A friend at the table, and absolute cephalopod phobe, saw how much I was enjoying it and actually had a bite. She couldn't believe she liked it. Even though the staff could have been a little rusty and overwhelmed by the crowd, service was terrific.

          I'm so, so happy they're back. I look forward to many nights with friends, with family, and romantic dinners for two.

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            Found this and thought I'd share a little food porn with you, scarberian.

            Any idea as to what this retooling of the website is all about? Do they (I hope) have a major announcement coming?

          2. Second location opening soon at St. Clair and O'Connor, where Crazy Tomato used to be.

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              I wonder if they'll just keep the same staff and menu at the second location or bring their menu over.

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                Wow, Crazy Tomato is closed? I thought it was doing pretty well?

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                  I don't know. Went once a short time after they opened, but didn't get there again.