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Water & Wine restaurant in Watchung?

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Any info on this restaurant? We will be meeting friends there and was wondering how the food was. Is there any particular dish that you found was very good or that they are known for.

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  1. Excellent restaurant with great food and service. The one recommendation I have for you is their signature fried calamari in a balsalmic reduction. It doesn't sound good but trust me it is! As far as entrees go I regularly dine at their sister restaurant La Griglia in Kennilworth and I can suggest the following: lamb chops, prime NY strip on the bone, pork chops giambotta and the veal chop. It's been a few years since I've been to Water and Wine but I'm sure you will be pleased! Oh also the seafood is excellent but less my thing unless they have Bronzino on special then give that a try. Enjoy!

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      Thanks so much for the information! Everything you listed sounds delicious and I am like you in that seafood is not my thing, but, I am so looking forward to having meat there. TFS

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        Nizza, you asked essentially the same question almost a year ago. Am I correct in assuming you did not go back then?

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          Geez Ambrose...

          I'm impressed with your memory. Where did you eat on Jan 27th, 2012 and what did you have?

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            Ambrose? Really, I may have as we are meeting these friends 1/2 way (which we don't usually do) and maybe last year at this time we may have planned to meet and I did ask- hmmmmm to tell you the truth I don't remember. BUT, we will be going there very soon and I will post about our experience there.

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              >>we will be going there very soon and I will post about our experience there.<<

              Look forward to it. There isn't much info on the board about Water & Wine and if you look at your previous thread the conversation seemed to drift into a discussion about valet parking!

              Eatinman, memory has nothing to do with it. As stated, there is not much here about Water & Wine so I checked for previous posts and was surprised to see that nizza had asked about it before.

              BTW, since Jan 27 was the 4th Friday in the month, I know we were with our dinner group that night . If you like, I can look up which restaurant we went to but I'm not sure I can tell you what I ate. :-))

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                Come on Ambrose..............

                give us the restaurant

                and what everyone ate - starting from your left

    2. After seeing this thread, I asked a co-worker who lives in Warren about the restaurant...she said she hasn't been there recently, but she thought the food was good but that the place was looking shabby and dated. Not sure if that has changed, but someone else chimed in that a zillion years ago it was a German restaurant, and the decor being described sounded like what it used to look like...

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        Curlz's friend is right on the money. We were there about 6 months ago, and I thought the place, even with the stunning view of the lake, could really use a makeover. Particularly since the Stone House, right up the road, serves excellent food in a beautiful dining room.

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          I think because the bar/lounge is very dark and kept dimly lit that is the first impression people get of the place. The back dinning room from what I remember is brighter and of a better décor than the bar/lounge area. I have been to parties in the back room which was fine. I have only eaten in the dining room one time most of my meals have been enjoyed at the bar in the dimly lit environment which to be isn’t that bad…….I would call it “rustic”. In the winter they have the fireplace going I think it adds much charm to the room. But I’m just a HUGE fan of the food so the environment isn’t as much of detraction for me.

          If your turned off by the décor of Water and Wine do yourself a favor and take a ride up the Parkway to exit (138? Kennilworth) to La Griglia their other establishment and there you will be met with a very modern/contemporary environment with the same EXCELLENT food and service.