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Jul 16, 2012 03:01 PM

Help! In town for 5 days, A Vegetarian Foodie - not an oxymoron;)

I'll be in San Diego for a conference in August and would like to get recommendations for vegetarian food in SD (cheese, egg are OK).

Breakfast places, brunches, lunches, dinners. I don't paying $$ for really good food. Please recommend any place that you think is worth a visit.

I'll be near convention center and staying close to gas lamp area and will have a car to visit some tourist sites. Thanks a lot for your help.

My search dug up some dated articles from ~ 2years ago, I know things change, so please help me!!

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  1. Spread
    Tender Greens
    Wet Stone wine bar
    Bice..great cheese plate course
    Basic for some of the best pizza
    Cheese Shop
    Bencotta in Little Italy
    Jsix at the Hotel Solamar
    Sea Rocket Bistro has a 3 course veg meal..check the day
    George's at the Cove ocean terrace in La Jolla

    Almost anywhere in SD has options to eat without meat..
    SD has some of the best taco shops...killer bean and cheese burritos with guac...cheese quesadilla with guacamole..breakfast burrito with scrambled egg, avo, cheese, pot, salsa..

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Just watch out for the manteca in those frijoles -- oh so good, but oh so mammalian!

      1. re: Beach Chick

        Thanks a bunch for the long list!! Hungry for some good mexican food (tamales, tacos or even good burrittos), do you recommend any that you frequent? May be Pokez is the one from your list?

      2. Salad Style, 900 F Street in downtown.
        Yakitori Yakyudori
        I think Jayne's Gastropub has a few vegetarian items.

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        1. re: Dagney

          I always pass by ramen places while I'm in Japan and Taiwan, I love the smell but they are rarely vegetarian friendly in Asia., but what's vegetarian here in SD? Is the broth they serve a pure vegetarian one? I'll definitely try. Thanks for the recommendation!!

          1. re: teekays

            Not sure if I would call YY the best place for a vegetarian

            1. re: honkman

              I was thinking about the vegetable ramen.

              1. re: Dagney

                It's one of their few vegetarian options and at least for me one of their weaker ramen options.

              2. re: honkman

                Vegetable ramen. Has vegetable broth and topped with vegetables- even lettuce.

            1. Sipz Fusion Cafe in Clairemont and Loving Hut in University Heights are amazing Vegetarian restaurants.


              1. Both Alchemy and El Take It Easy have vegetarian farm nights highlighting the produce from Suzie's farm on Wednesdays.