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Jul 16, 2012 01:44 PM

Lunch spot at Yonge & Finch

Don't know the area very well. I'm meeting some friends for lunch tomorrow. We usually go to St. Louis for wings and beer, but thinking we could do better than that. I imagine there are good Korean about sushi? Looking to spend ~$30 per person.

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  1. Sapporo Sushi is decent. Just south of Finch on Yonge (the east side). Milestone's at Empress Walk would be the only other that comes to mind that I'd recommend.

    1. For Korean, i'd recommend Lim Ga Ne (for bbq) or Kyochon BBQ (get the fried chicken)... both solid restaurants

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        Noticed this place opened, but never really got a look inside. Fried chicken you say? How does it compare to Oh Geul Ba Geul's fried chicken (if you've happened to have it)?

        1. re: trane

          oh geul bo geul is garbage... they went downhill in quality, and uphill in price... the only fried chicken i've had at oh geul is the kampunggi, but im actually recommending the fried chicken (which is wing/drumstick style, lightly breaded and crispy to the touch, yum!)... but in the case of kampungi... nowhere does it right, whereas its never the perfect combination/quality of meat, sauce, breading.. however im biased due to my dislike of the chewy glutinous starch/breading

      2. Ok, replying to my own post. I ended up going to "Not just dim sum". Pretty cheesy name, but they actually serve pretty good dim sum. i also ordered an appetizer, hot and spicy chicken wings. they were some of the best chicken wings i've had in toronto. hot AND spicy, so as advertised. nice and crispy.