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Jul 16, 2012 01:22 PM

What Italian food items do you bring back to the U.S.?

I'm heading to Italy in a few weeks and I've been mulling over what I want to bring home with me. I will be visiting a friend whose in-laws own an olive orchard and so I hope to bring home some olive oil.

What do you bring home that isn't readily available here in the states?

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  1. Canadian here. I always bring back/ask for:
    - As many of the Kinder chocolates as they can fit (and then some)
    - Local Cheese that may be unique to the region (hard cheese is allowed by customs here)
    - Amaretti cookies from a bakery
    - Giandutto (if they are in/around Torino)

    1. Partially it depends on what part of Italy I am going to. Where are you headed?

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      1. re: ekc

        Headed to Florence, Lucca, Lake Garda & some wineries there, Levanto & Cinque Terre and one night in Rome.

        Sounds good meatnveg! Good Chocolates are a must. And maybe some hard cheese too. Cookies... yum.

        1. re: lynnlato

          Guido Gobino chocolates (preferrably with salt)
          Spices (from Campo di Fiori)
          Anything at Roscioli in Rome - this year it will be Colatura by Acquapazza and canned tuna
          Coffee and cups from Sant' Eustacchio in Rome
          Dario Checchini's Profumo di Chianti if you can find it outside of Panzano

      2. Olive oil, honey, confitura, capers (if in Sicily)

        1. Rio Mar tuna
          Olive oil (if it's in the fall, after the new oil)
          Honey with truffles
          Preserves and condimenti

          Cioccolato di Modica if in Sicily

          If the photo attaching works, there should be a picture of what I bought at the market in Siracusa this past May.....

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          1. re: grandpamarian

            Wow! Do you take an extra suitcase or bag for all that deliciousness?

            1. re: lynnlato

              I should have. Clearly, I overdid. A lightweight small duffle would have been nice.

          2. Olive oil direct om the producer, wine, bottled anchovies, pasta, packaged risotto (good for quick meals but expensive and hard to find here), pasta in shapes not easily found here (for example, the kind shaped like priests' hats).