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Jul 16, 2012 01:19 PM

Need help fast dinner in two hours . Recipe for sause on seafood/ crab stuffed mushrooms. Please Help

Hello all I need a sauce recipe asap for seafood stuffed mushrooms. The mushrooms and the filling are perfect. I Need a sauce to put it over the top. Mushrooms have crab, shrimp, and scallops all are fresh. Any help Please. Thank You. Joe

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  1. Relax!!! have a drink...or two....or three. ~~ You may WANT a sauce, but you don't "NEED a sauce.....

    <"The mushrooms and the filling are perfect">.

    Why mess with perfection!!

    1. a light mornay, bechamel...or a hollandaise with a hint of heat such as wasabi.

      1. Are you going shopping for ingredients? What do you have in the pantry?

        Offhand, I'd sautee finely minced garlic and shallot in some butter (2 cloves garlic, one shallot) with a pinch of sea salt and a sprinkle of black pepper til soft, then add a cup of dry white wine, letting it reduce. I'd then add heavy cream slowly (another cup) and whisk til blended, tasting to see if I needed more S&P.

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          I have all the above ingredients on hand. My wife has been doing extra around the house lately. My back has been out for two weeks. Today is the first day I have been moving around without pain. I asked her what she would like. She said steak tips (all set in that department) And seafood mushrooms with sauce, My family all love the mushrooms I make but, I never put sauce on them. I think she wants a suuce that is served on top of the mushrooms and lightly broiled. Like you get when you go out to eat. The sauce above looks very nice. Are there any other ideas? I want to Thank her for all she has done. Thank You. Joe.

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            The hollandaise won't take broiling but the others will. A black butter and caper might be OK, too.

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              I think a mornay sauce, as mentioned above, is what you need.

              Cook til light brown 2 T each flour & butter; add 1 cup milk then shredded cheese til melted. Salt and pepper and other seasonings like a grate of nutmeg or squeeze of lemon juice if you want any of that.

          2. Thank you all.. I went with a basic white sauce. Added a bit of garlic and some shaved Italan cheese on top. Worked fine. Thank you all for the help. Joe.