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Jul 16, 2012 12:12 PM

The Last Meal: nopa or Aziza?

So far:
Roti - porchetta/potatoes - A
Perbacco - B
Slanted Door - B-
Bar Tartine - A+
Mandalay - later today
So, how to end?
Both menus look famtastic

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  1. AZIZA, have not been to Nopa, but Aziza's card is always in my wallet. Considered one of my four most exciting US meals in last three years.
    Agree with you on Perbacco and Slanted Door as well.

    1. personal preference is aziza - creative done right.

      1. Still haunted by the cocktails at Aziza, I'd go back just for them. Haven't made it to Nopa yet though.

          1. last meal of what? your life? your trip to SF? your time living in SF?

            Aziza is a special occasion place with mind blowing flavors; NOPA is an everyday place that reminds you just how good familiar food can taste.

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            1. re: vulber

              Lol, not my life, hopefully. Just a trip to SF.
              Very well said, I guess that's the feeling we got and why went with Aziza.