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Jul 16, 2012 11:47 AM


Has anyone beeen yet, and if so, what were your thoughts/favorites?

We are dining there tonight, and the reviews have been mixed, which surprises me given that it is the Sheerin brothers.

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  1. I was just there on friday and thought it was fantastic! It will definitely be a repeat on my next Chicago trip. We had the pickle tots, sepia noodles, the brisket and the duck. The pickle tots were amazing and illustrated what is wrong with every other fried pickle I've ever had - too much pickle and not enough batter. That said the couple next to us asked the waitress where the pickle was in their pickle tots. I thought the flavor was very pronounced without being overpowering so I was baffled but maybe the source of mixed reviews.

    1. I wish we had had a similar experience. My friend, also a foodie (who went to culinary school), and I were equally disappointed. We did not like the pickle tots. She likened the chicken braesola to Carl Buddings meat purchased in gas stations. We enjoyed the scallop appetizer. Both entrees were subpar; the brisket entree was dry and chewy and the prok belly lacked flavor. As for dessert, the panna cotta was more whipped like a mousse than a custard. Portions were tiny.