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Jul 16, 2012 11:29 AM

Husband's 35th Birthday Dinner - Marea or something else?

Hi New Yorkers!

I'm a Philly-based foodie taking my husband on a surpise 35th birthday trip to NYC, just for one night. We'll be staying at Le Parker Meridien in Central Park South.

I have booked a 6:15 reservation at Marea but some of the reviews on here have me second-guessing. I would love a great seafood/American/eclectic menu but don't want to spend an arm and a leg (thinking max around $100pp for food, pre-tax and tip), so places like Le Bernardin are out.

We would love to be able to walk someplace since we are only there for the one night - otherwise, I'd book Craft in a heartbeat. We loved the LA location and we're looking for something similar.

Other options I'm considering are Nougatine and Bar Americain.

Any ideas for us? Thank you!

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  1. Marea is wonderful. The Modern, Boulud Sud, and Lincoln are also within walking distance.

    Nougatine and Bar Americain can be good but are not in the same league as the others.

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      Yikes, I agree with H Manning, don't go to Bar Americain. To me, it's a tourist trap.
      I think you should keep your reservation at Marea.

    2. For great seafood within walking distance I would highly recommend Oceana.

      1. I spent my 35th at Marea and loved it. It's so delicious and so decadent. It's not inexpensive though, but I couldn't have had a better time.

        Craft is a very short subway ride away from your hotel - the Q train - or a small cab ride.

        Also could be fun is the vault menu (75$) at WD50

        1. I also celebrated my 35th at Marea. We did brunch there but the menu is quite similiar to dinner.. I think it would be hard to stay under 100 a person (although do able if don't drink). The spaghetti with sea urchin shouldn't be missed (I had it on both visits) and everything was delicious. I find the service a bit stuffy and the lamps at a weird angle but really lovely. The Modern is within walking distance as well (although similiar price range). I celebrated a wedding anniversary there and it was good but had a much better lunch (they have this cool chocolate cart and the cheese cart is also pretty decent).

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            Thanks for the replies! Looks like I'll probably be keeping my reservation. It'll be cheaper since I'm pregnant and therefore a reluctant teetotaler and my husband will likely have one beer. WHich helps us up our restaurant range a bit!

            I'll have to check out The Modern.