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Jul 16, 2012 10:45 AM

Tavern at the Armory - Middletown Ct

I was passing through the south end of Middletown today and saw this spot.

When I got home I looked them up and their menu (linked) looks like solid taverny grub.

SO, anyone been yet?

The menu enough makes me want to drive back up and try it soon

Interested in your thoughts!

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  1. Our office had a staff lunch there, strange with all the great places to eat in Middletown, this place was chosen....I'd give it a solid "meh." Maybe because we were hearded into a small selection of plates, and maybe because with that many people, advanced prep kinda kills a meal. The real menu does look interesting tho

    1. We stayed at The Inn at Middletown for several days, in April, 2005. I wasn't expecting much from the oddly named restaurant, but once I got over the sticker shock at Central Connecticut menu prices, I was very pleased. I recall that the clam chowder was outstanding, but the 100% angus beef burger was one of the best I've had anywhere. I'm sure that we also had breakfast, although I don't recall exactly what. I'll have to review the menu. I'm fairly certain I didn't order a Breakfast Parfait, but my wife may have had that.

      Ah! "Tavern Corned Beef Hash
      served with three eggs any style 9.95".

      That had to be it. I rarely pass up a chance for corned beef hash, especially when it's made in house.