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Jul 16, 2012 10:30 AM

Gloucester - Duckworth Bistro or Franklin Cafe?

I haven't been to either of these place and was looking for feedback on both for this coming Friday night.

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  1. Duckworth's, but make your reservations now as it's a tough one to get, especially in the summer. The decision may already be made for you.

    Regardless, you'll be happy with either place. Franklin is very very good and very very consistent and is probably the best spot in town for special occasions or romantic dinners.

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    1. re: AngerHeSmiles

      Thank you, and I hope you don't mind me asking, but what makes you like Duckworth's more?

      I know more about Franklin from friends who have been, and really enjoyed the whole experience their. I just don't know anyone who's been to Duckworth's, and I lean more towards their menu a little more.

      It sounds like I can't go wrong either way.

      Thanks again.

      1. re: Infomaniac

        we went to franklin once last yr because friend billy novick was playing there. we found the food very meh/no reason to return. but i know our tastes vary greatly so i bet you'll like it.
        p.s. when i say meh, i don't mean it was anywhere near bad, just nothing special or exciting, but adequately prepared.

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          you don't know me or my taste, but I know i'm not as critical of a judge of places as you are.

        2. re: Infomaniac

          Sorry I didn't see the request for the explanation in time...hope you enjoyed the Franklin(I'm sure you did)...As for the reason, it's just as simple as liking the food a little better and I really love the half portion options they have for almost everything on their menu, and the half portions are more than generous sizes.

          As for some comments on here about Duckworth's being pretentious and inconsistent, I don't think it could be further from the truth, but diff'rnt strokes as Mr. D says.

      2. Both are very good places, Franklin has a more polished look. Duckworth menu is small but has selections from Neiman Ranch, always a local line caught catch and their prep is well thought out. Franklin has features a larger style menu and also gluten free and vegetarian choices. Depending on the occassion, either should please you et al.

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        1. re: treb

          Thanks and glad you chimmed in.

          It's not a special occassion, and just dinner before heading into Rockport to see Arturo Sandoval play at Shalin Liu Performance Ctr.

          I'm not expecting to have the best meal I've ever had at either place. I'm just looking for a place with a comforable atmosphere, warm friendly service, and a nice menu that will have something to satisfy someone who has a hard time making up their mind sometimes (me).

          I really want to try Duckworth's but think I'll save that for another time when I'm not pressed to be somewhere at a certain time.

          Looking forward to trying Franklin, and we have friends in Ipswich that really enjoy it there.

          Will let you all know how everything goes.

          Thanks again to all.

        2. We have been to both and I would pick Duckworth's whole heartedly. That is not necessarily a negative for The Franklin but that Duckworth's is just plain fabulous !

          1. Duckworth's is inconsistent and the Franklin always is good and way less pretentious.