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Jul 16, 2012 09:10 AM

An app to help you find a restaurant


I'm going on holiday and though I've packed my GoogleMaps with lots of food possibilities, I know from experience that there will be times when I'm nowhere near where I need to be and I want to eat.

So, does anyone here use a restaurant finder?

I occasionally use Foodspotting and I was just now looking in iTunes and thought about purchasing the mobile version of Zagats and Michelin Guide, but I wanted to hear from you people first to see if you have any favorite apps.


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  1. I have used yelp and urbanspoon. They're about as useful as those sites are.

    1. Does Menupages have an app? If not, perhaps you could go to that website. You can browse by cuisine and neighborhood.

      1. I go by Yelp. They seem to list restaurants whether or not they've been reviewed. Travel Advisor can be of help as well, if you're lugging around an iPad (or the like.

        1. For Austin, Boston, Chicago, LA, NYC, Philly, San Fran, Seattle & DC try Chefs Feed.

          Atlanta, Dallas, HK, Houston, Vegas, London, Miami, Montreal, Now Orleans, Paris, Portland, Toronto & Vancouver are allegedly coming soon as well.

          1. I travel all over and Yelp is very solid and probably has the most reviews of more places than anyone. Some of the newer apps like Foodspotting are great concepts but don't yet have a a critical mass of user data. Others, like Zagat, are limited by editorial filtering.

            For example, Flushing Queens is the arguably the epicenter of Chinese food in greater New York City but Zagat has just 12 listings. Yelp has 260 places reviewed. And what's remarkable to me is that Yelp (at least in larger cities) seems to defy the traditional city polls of "best whatever" which often results in Olive Garden being a city's Best Italian or Subway as best sandwich. Somehow the crowds using Yelp tend to focus more on unique, local places.