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Jul 16, 2012 08:31 AM

Best Dairy Italian in Jerusalem

Friends, my Jerusalem experience, once comprehensive, has lapsed. Please advise as to the best dairy Italian restaurant in Jerusalem these days. Any other J-lem foodie tips accepted too! Kind thanks.

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  1. I always liked Little Italy just up from the Inbal. Also used to go to Angelo's which is off Yaffo.

    Dont know if its the best, but the food was always good and not expensive.

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      Little Italy went meat. btw - Quite good & some original menu items.

    2. Here's a non-Italian suggestion. Haven't been to Israel in a year, but as of the last time I was there, I would suggest Masaryk on Emek Rafaim. I plan to be there again in a few weeks. You can search here for my write-up of a few years ago.

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        Masaryk has a number of Italian dishes, as well as other cholovi & pareve selections. I've only eaten there once, also about a year ago, but quite enjoyed it. And I like the energy of Emek Refaim - modern & lively, but still quite neighborhood-y. (Reservations are a good idea at any popular place on the Restaurant Row at this time of year.)
        After dinner, may I suggest a stroll on the new Tayelet Harakevet?

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          Yes, after I posted, I actually remembered that it is identified by as at least partially Italian. In addition, that site will have discount coupons you can use there. (Just remember, that site is sponsored by the restaurants, so the reviews are all positive. Not necessarily untrue, just not balanced by any negative ones.)

      2. Spaghettis in the Mamilla Mall, Al Dente in Rechavia on Ussishkin.

        1. Foodie (drinkie?) tip: IMO, the only place worth going to for ice cafe is Lechem shel Tomer. They make it from real coffee, not the weird coconut-tasting mix that everyone else uses. Try a few of their oznei chema - very simple, buttery, satisfying cookies.

          1. I can't tell you where to go, but I can certainly tell you where NOT to go. Last night, after our 4 first choices were either closed for the evening or no longer in business and we had a very tired, overheated, cranky kid, we ended up at Fortuna on Agrippas just past Machaneh Yehudah. It was expensive, loaded with attitude, and simply not good. Go elsewhere. Anywhere else.

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              Correcting my mistake. The restaurant wasn't Fortuna, it was Topolino. All else remains the same.