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Jul 16, 2012 07:50 AM

What cooking-related gifts do you bring home from London?

I'm thinking jam, tea towels, and soaps. What do you stuff your luggage with?

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  1. It depends on what you call home. When I go to the States, I usually bring my kids some good chocolates and a few bags of the great crisps that are only sold in the UK... unusual flavors etc.

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    1. re: zuriga1

      harrods breakfast tea, square mile coffee, 12 cans of napuli peeled plum tomatoes, pecorino romano, guanciale, white wine vinegar from neals yard and some other things i can't recall is what i brought with me to sag harbor.

      for any customs agent reading along: i'm lying through me teeth, the above is just a wish list.

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        In the 'good old days' an ex of my friend swore that his mum used to take fish n chips, wrapped in newspaper on the plane to Brooklyn from Birmingham. Still find it hard to believe but more recently, round about 2005, a friend used to take potatoes from london to nyc as she didn't like US spuds (said they had no taste) and missed her baked potatoes.

    2. Definitely the tea towels. Great souvenirs, and useful too. I used to do the jams thing, but now I don't bother unless I know I'll be checking my luggage. I ended up with some sort of candy last month, just because it was in a cute container shaped like a London phone booth. I can remember bringing cookies from Fortnum and Mason that were big hits.

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        If it's the biscuits (aka cookies) in the tins, I highly second your recommendation. They are delicious and easy to pack. They even sell them at T5 so I've bought them there, too.

        1. re: zuriga1

          Bingo - my bad for forgetting the language change there. I think they sell 3 different types at terminal 3, and we tried 2 and loved both. As you say, easy to pack in their small and crush proof tins.

      2. How about chocolate from Rabot Estate?

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            The chocolate coated cacao nibs are particular favourite. Very addictive!

        1. Gentleman's Relish, Variety of marmalades, certain cheeses.

          1. Branston pickle, piccalilli, HP sauce

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              I have no problem finding either piccalilli or HP sauce here at our local specialty foods store (my husband is a big HP fan, so we need to have access to a supplier!).