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Jul 16, 2012 07:46 AM

homemade baked eggrolls

I love good eggrolls and can't hardly find a place that doesn't sell the frozen crappy ones. There is a place near me that had a fantastic one and they cut back on the meat and veg and amped up the isn't the same as when they opened. And they raised the price. Now I want to try it at home but I hate the fried stink. Can I successfully bake them? I did it once but used eggwash and got rubber eggroll skins. Gross. Anyone out there that bakes them and if so..... how?

I also would gladly take recipes for the fillings that you use.

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  1. Baking egg rolls is just a bad idea. More precisely, baking egg roll wrappers is just a bad idea.

    1. While I agree that baked egg rolls are not a favorite, I understand that some people need to prepare them that way for dietary reasons. Assuming that you already understand how to prepare the filling and know that it has to be chilled before filling the wrapper, and assuming you know how to trim and roll the wrapper around the filling, I'll simply address the baking process.
      Brush the outside of the egg roll with oil (a little veg. oil blended with a touch of sesame oil or simply veg. oil) and place seam side down on a baking sheet. Bake at 425 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes, turning once.

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        Reading this , I'm wondering how it would work in a panini press. It might be better than baking.

        I wanted to add my mom pan fries them for less oil. It's good, but not at all like fried egg rolls.

      2. I have successfully baked egg rolls in the past. After pre paring the filling and rolling I placed them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and lightly sprayed them with PAM or could also brush on some oil and turn while cookiing. When faux frying I sometime place a cooling rack inside the cookie sheet while baking although I have not tried it with the egg rolls.

        Pre-Heat oven to 400˚ F
        Place egg rolls on cookie sheet
        Spray tops with PAM or brush with oil
        Bake 8-10 Minutes
        Bake 5-7 Minutes

        There are many recipes on fillings, Sometimes a nice addition that is often not included is Sesame oil when sauting the veggies.

        Hope this helps some

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          So glad this question was posted! I do an oven "fried" chimichanga with flour tortilla's... love the idea of doing something similar for eggrolls.

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            Mmm... those chimis sound great. I'm trying them

        2. You can bake them fine, use filipino lumpia wrappers instead of the standard eggroll wrappers and use pork for the meat but wrap it up raw with fine shredded/cut raw veggies, the fat from the pork cooks the veggies and then goes trough the wrapper to crisp it up. I found the receipe in Sunset magazine 30 years ago, I'll look around and see if I can find it and get back.

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            That would be super helpful. Thanks for the lumpia wrapper tip