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Jul 16, 2012 07:04 AM

Fresh Mozzarella in the Hudson Valley

Help! I'm opening a wine bar in the mid-Hudson Valley, and I need a source for freshly made (preferably daily) mozzarella. Any leads? Thanks.

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  1. i don't know if he still makes it, but popovich provisions in pine plains used to make the best mozz up here. i now get fresh mozz from quattro's (pleasant valley, near rte 44 / taconic) but there's a few places...

    where are you looking? you can email me in profile if you want...

    1. S & J Deli on Rt. 52 in Hopewell has good mozzarella.

      Rossi's Deli is also an excellent source of fresh mozzarella, but I'm not sure if they make it in-house.

      Mario's Bread on Rt. 82 in Hopewell also has great mozzarella.

      1. Have you considered making your own? It's a pretty simple process. I can't comment on the time cost involved, but you'd certainly save on raw materials and you can't get much fresher.

        1. Don't know if this is too far for you, but the A&S store in Millwood, NY(Northern Westchester County) makes excellent mozzarella daily.

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            depending what op means by mid-husdon valley, the one in corltandt manor does as well. It was written up in the ny times a couple of years ago. op, would be good if you gave us more detail on the location.

            btw, were I to start a wine bar, I don't think I'd choose mozzarella as one of my cheeses. We've organized 20-30 charity wine and cheese tastings, worked in the wine industry, we've never used mozz. I guess if you're a sommelier as your ch name suggests, you know what you're doing.

            1. re: vinouspleasure

              It might be for something like a caprese salad, which I noticed on the menu last night at a wine bar in Fishkill :-)