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Jul 16, 2012 06:13 AM

Shinjuku restaurants

Hi, I am headed to Tokyo in a couple of months and will be staying in Shinjuku. I have planned very busy full days and we will be having lunch at some of the popular/michelin starred establishments. In the evening, after a full days sighseeing I would like to stay near the hotel and eat at casual places. I would like suggestions for good ramen,izakaya, sushi, yakitori and tempura. The yakitori alley looks fascinating, is this a place for tourists who speak no Japenese at all? Is it just a case of wondering and finding a stand that takes yor fancy or can anyone reccommend one in particular? Also, is Golden Gai drinking only? I think I read somewhere that there is a good ramen restaurant there but I could be wrong! Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give me.

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  1. Golden Gai is almost all bars, but there's a good ramen shop called Golden Nagi:

    What part of Shinjuku are you in? It's a big place, a good 30-minute walk from one end to the other....

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      I'll be staying at the Park Hyatt for a few nights, followed by the Shinjuku Astina just behind Golden Gai. Thanks.

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        Omoide Yokocho, what you are probably referring to as yakitori alley, is pretty much on the tourist map. I don't think you will have issues there. I think there are a couple of yakitori places and then a few other types of shops. It's more for drinking and eating rather than an actual culinary experience...A short block from the southeast exit of Shinjuku Station, I like Uoshin a branch of a small chain of seafood izakaya...Not far from there, Nishio is a small oden place I have been meaning to try. Probably best to get your hotel to call ahead at these places for you....The Best Western Astina is near Kabukicho, which has a ton of casual off-the-street restaurants- especially ramen and yakitori. You can also explore Shinjuku-2-chome options....Park Hyatt is in the boring high-rise western side of the station. Fu'unji is an amazing ramen shop in southwest part of the hood, but they close early.

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          Thanks Silverjay, i had come across Uoshin in Roppongi that i was going to check out. I didn't realise they were a chain so having one near my hotel is a real bonus. I have done a google search for Fu'unji and it does indeed look amazing. I had no idea there were so many different types of ramen, I can't wait to try them!

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            As Silverjay says, Omoide Yokocho is better for atmosphere than for food. If you want to eat good yakitori, I'd recommend Kokekokko ( ) which happens to be very close to Omoide Yokocho. They use a game bird called shamo rather than ordinary chicken, and they do a very good job of it.

            For tempura I like Tsunahachi Rin in Lumine Est. For other izakaya I like Yuian and Hibiki on the west side of the station and Shousuke Shinjuku Sono on the east.

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              Ok, I remembered another shop right near the station that I've been meaning to go to. They were booked full last year when we tried to hold an enkai there. It's called Genshi-yaki Nidai-me Nanakko. "Genshi-yaki" means "primitive grilling" or something like that. Basically, it is a robatayaki seafood specialty place. This is either the second generation of the shop or a cute way of saying it is the second shop in a chain. I can't tell. Anyway, I thought it looked interesting and tasty. They have other dishes including sashimi, etc. The grilling is done in a center irori. They are also open for lunch--> .

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                Is that the place near the Keio Plaza Hotel/Sumitomo building? It's maybe just inside the tunnel leading to the station?

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