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Jul 16, 2012 05:52 AM

Mexican Food

Hey guys i was talking to my friend ,from L.A , the other day and he brought up the point that Boston has no good Mexican food from the little that there is.(seeing that hes from Cali its hard to beat or match the Mexican food from there.) So my question is can you guys please suggest a few mexican restaurants in boston or anywhere in Mass. that is both decent and affordable. Thanks!!

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  1. Taqueria El Amigo Waltham

    Taqueria Jalisco East Boston

    Angela's Cafe East Boston

    Not quite LA grade, but all acceptable options.

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      +1 for Taqueria El Amigo. great tortas, menudo, street food style tacos...feels pretty orange county mexican food place to me

    2. viva mexican grill - route 27 - wayland

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        1. La Verdad for Carne Asado or Pescado tacos and tortas.

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