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Jul 16, 2012 05:39 AM

Dinner or Happy Hour near Nationals Stadium

nead rec's for either happy hour with food or dinner near and prior to Tuesday nights Nationals vs Mets game. we have a parking pass and tickets for the game.

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    This area is close to the stadium. I have good meals at Fusion Grill and Senert's oyster and chop house both have good happy hours

    1. Cava Mezze also has a good happy hour - drink and food specials.

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        The Ugly Mug has happy hour specials but I have never had their food. Then they will take you to the game in a long golf cart shuttle vehicle.

      2. Station 4 at the Waterfront metro has happy hour specials. From there you can walk to the stadium, or ride the Green Line 1 stop, or take the 74 bus for a quick trip on M just past 4th.