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Jun 28, 2004 12:50 PM

recommendations near by Vandenberg AFB

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I will be staying in Vandenberg AFB during July 4th weekend (july 2 - July 5). From the map, I see that Lompoc and Santa Maria are two closest cities and found the previous post regarding Lompoc:

Above post also suggests many restaurants and wineries near by Santa Barbara area. I would like to know if someone can give me other links to other post or give a recommendation near by Vandenberg AFB please.

I am interested in restauarants and wineries. Thank you.


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  1. You might Google Lompoc and Santa Maria, see if you can find any Chamber of Commerce or tourism sites. The area is famous for "Santa Maria" style barbeque. I believe in Santa Maria on weekends you will find 'Q stands set-up on the street. A specialty of Santa Maria BBQ is Tri-tip.

    Maybe some locals will chime in here.

    1. Well, it depends where you are staying - are you staying ON base, in Lompoc, or in Santa Maria?

      I'll touch on Lompoc first - probably the best restaurant in town is Saletti's - full bar, nice wine list - steer toward the steaks, chops and fish - they really do a nice job with those items. Great soups, too. They also do a nice lunch, with some interesting salads for light eating.
      Another place is Sissy's Uptown - they're only open for dinner on TH, FR, SA, and SU, but they do a very nice job - again, steaks, chops, seafood. No full bar, just beer and wine.
      Your ethnic options would be Thai Cuisine (not Thai Fast Food, located nearby). Find the Walgreen's in town, and you'll be next door - it's tucked around back. They have Thai better than it has a right to be in a small town - try the curries. For red sauce Italian, try La Botte - family run, and the food is good, and all home made by the proverbial "Mama" in the kitchen.
      There's Oki Sushi on Ocean Ave - very close to the base - very popular. There's a bunch of Mexican places in town, too. Most are fast food types - stick to Taco Roco on Ocean

      For old fashioned coffee shop breakfasts - the best would be Tom's, American Host, or Cajun Kitchen.
      Good lunches at all three, also.
      Tom's has a really good burger.

      If you want a spectacular view while you eat, and have some time, take the half hour drive out to Jalama Beach, on the last unspoiled piece of coastline in the area - they have great burgers out there, too.

      Wineries: Just outside of Lompoc, headed east on 246, are Babcock and Melville. Melville is open every day, but I think Babcock is just F, Sa and SU - both are well respected for their wines. Then you could continue over to Buellton, and loop back toward Lompoc on Santa Rosa Road, and hit Mosby, Sanford and Santa Barbara Winery.

      That should keep you busy for a while, let me know if you need more reccos.

      I can't help with SantaMaria, I'm not as familiar with that area, other than Chef Rick's in Orcutt, or Hitching Post in Casmalia.

      Have fun