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Jul 16, 2012 03:50 AM

Anyone been to The Gingerman or Marche at 74 State (Albany) recently?

Thinking about where to eat dinner during Track Season . . .

I rember a positive post about The Gingerman (jaylhorner maybe?). The duck sliders and risotto cakes have my name on them :)

Have not been to Marche in awhile.

This is my preliminary list:



*The Gingerman??

*NWBB or Cap City Gastro Pub

*D Raymonds

Plus our regular Not-in-Toga favorites Cella Bistro, Grappa '72, Harvest and Hearth (on Saratoga Lake, great brick oven pizza, relaxed service) or Village Pizzeria (thin crust pizza and amazing wine list), Cafe Capriccio, Lake Ridge (haven't been here in awhile since we've eaten everything on the menu). Creo' if I can get SO to go. Also, The Basement Bistro if they call . . .still waiting.

What am I missing?

THanks for your help . . .

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  1. Quite awhile since we ate at Marche . . .2009!

    Nothing recent on Yelp (I trust hounds opinions more).

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    1. Have not been to Dale Miller's since Chef Miller left for Sperry's and it was re-branded as Taste:

      Great atmosphere (bar, roof deck, dining room). How is the food these days? Better for dinner or an appetizer dinner in the bar area?

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      1. FDR, you're missing The Wine Bar on Lark Street. Don't I recall you finally made it there in the last year? Wonderful and so different from its sibling, Cap City Gastro Pub, which I also enjoy.

        I haven't had The G'Man's duck sliders yet, but I've enjoyed the Risotto Crochettes. I was there for a Mediterranean food and wine paring a few weeks ago which was a lot of fun with delicious food.

        If you're going to be in Albany, you really should check out The Merry Monk. I haven't been to The Brown Derby in awhile, but I've enjoyed each prior experience there. For something totally different, there are a handful of fish/poultry items at The Olde English Pub and Pantry along with some very worthy brews and scotch in a laid back and relaxing setting.

        Finally, Cheryl Clark gave the food 4 stars at Kinnaree.

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        1. re: Roger K

          Thanks, Roger K.

          I think I meant to type The Wine Bar on lark instead of NWBB :)

          Been to The Wine Bar several times and Cap City Gastro Pub. Some of the best food and wine in the Capital District.

          I really want to try The Gingerman. And their lot will save us from the parking hassle.

          Really apppreciate the other suggestions. I have not been to any of them.

          1. Haven't been to Gingerman in many years, but I do enjoy D'Raymonds. Be prepared to wait, even with a reservation, especially during track season.