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Jul 15, 2012 11:22 PM

Best Vanilla cupcake recipe and what frosting to go with it

I want to make vanilla cupcakes for my wife however I am in search of a good recipe and the frosting type can be vanilla or something else - it cannot be overly sweet Sprinkles cupcakes she wes off all the frosting and just eats the cake

With that in mind I have pure bourbon vanilla extract and also vanilla paste and vanilla beans as well so I can use any of these to make it work

She also liked a butterscotch pudding I made with bourbon Makers Mark 46 - so I was thinking perhaps using some of that somewhere either frosting or cake

Help me out please :)

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  1. The best vanilla cupcakes I've had are the Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Salted Caramel icing on Chow recipes. They're excellent, and you could probably add some of that bourbon to the icing for a little extra flavor. Do give these a try:

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      the wife does not want caramel icing, any other ideas there

      if the cake part on the vanilla bean cupcakes is good ill use that and just work on a frosting / icing

    2. I went with: for the frosting and for the cake

      the cake and frosting turned out really well, 3 types of Vanilla (bean / extract / paste) in one recipe how can you go wrong

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        She's a lucky woman. Next time you might also try whipping heavy cream and adding only vanilla and the tiniest touch of sugar. Makes a delicious frosting and complements the sweetness of the cake nicely.