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Wineries with picnic areas

We are planning a visit to Healdsburg and would like to have a picnic at a winery.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    1. re: Janet

      Healdsburg is in Sonoma, not Napa.

      1. re: wally

        Picky, picky.,picky. Hop Kiln.

        1. re: wolfe

          Hop Kiln in my mind has one of the worst QPR (quality to price ratio) of any winery in Sonoma. They are $20 to $40 a bottle, and their wine tastes to me like something you could easily pick up at random from Safeway. *shrug* Grounds are nice, building is interesting, staff is fine, but it's just not very good.

          A recent thread on picnic areas:

          1. re: goldangl95

            If a winery's a good spot for a picnic, all I really care is that they have one good picnic wine. Hop Kiln's Thousand Flowers blend is, at least most years.

        1. Nalle in Dry Creek has a nice picnic area and good wines.

          Rochioli near Hop Kiln has a spectacular picnic area, but you might not find wines for sale there.

          1. Preston is nice, especially if you like cats.

            1. Truett Hurst is my favorite place to picnic. The wine is so-so, but there's a few good ones there, and the grounds are just beautiful.

              Mazzocco, Bella, Amista, and Medlock Ames would all be nice places for a picnic too.

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                I agree that Truett Hurst has okay wines and is great for a picnic. I've seen salmon in the creek there twice.

              2. There are some rules:

                Call first and get permission.
                No big spreads, limit it to four people.
                You must check in at the tasting room.
                You must buy wine.
                Clean up your mess.
                No drunken frivolity.