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Jul 15, 2012 09:56 PM

meatball sub in the O.C.

Me and the wife are looking for a really good meatball sub in O.C. our go to sandwich place is Desimones but thier meatball sub is just okay. Looking for Gad Dam if you know what i mean

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  1. Not really a sub place but I like the meatball sandwich at Sabatino's in Newport Beach--though it is hard to tear myself away from their even better sausages. I thought the meatball sub at Gina's near UCI was surprisingly good but that might partially be due to the comparison with their subpar (but not sub-parmigiano) pizza.

    1. Cortina's has good meatballs not quite on the level of Bay Cities in Santa Monica but very formidable. I have not actually had the meatball sub but I've had the chicken parm sandwich. I can vouch for the bread and sauce. I know they have a meatball sub in the pizzeria so I imagine it would be very good.

      1. Have you tried Lucci's in Huntington Beach? It's an italian deli and they have a meatball sub.

        I haven't tried it myself so please report back if you do.

        1. You need to take it out, but Claro's Italian Market in Tustin is an option. They are closed Wednesday, so keep that in mind.

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            Second Claro's. Also love their sausages and fennel salami!

            1. I second Claro's as well. You may also want to try Ciao! Deli Pizzeria on Baker in Costa Mesa. I would characterize it as New York Italian-esque. Definitely worth a try. Maybe not awe inspiring but certainly dam good.