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Jul 15, 2012 08:57 PM

Primo Hoagies coming to Marlboro, NJ

Don't know if this place is any good, but they're coming to Marlboro - the former Pathmark shopping center.. I'm guessing where Quizno's was.. one sandwich place replaces another.

Saw the sign out front as I was driving by. (Moe's is due to open soon as well).

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  1. The fact that they use Thuman's rather than Boar's Head is a very good sign.
    And anything is better than Quizno's...with all the great local sub shops in NJ,
    I'm surprised that Quizno's can do _any_business (and several _have_ closed in recent months).
    They're in the same league as Subway, in my estimation.

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    1. re: The Professor

      "They're in the same league as Subway, in my estimation"

      That's just an unreasonable statement if you like "hoagies". Start w/ the bread. Can you really put primos bread in the same universe as Subway? And the meats at Primos are of a much higher quality. It's night and day. Rant over.

      1. re: Chinon00

        I think the poster is saying that Quiznos is in the same league as Subway not Primo subs

        1. re: foobuc

          Exactly...Quiznos/Subway = "best to go somewhere else".
          Bad sandwiches made worse by lousy bread.

      2. re: The Professor

        As Primo is a franchise, I think that the franchisee is able to source meats and breads from the place they want to. So I would check

        For a while I thought the one near me in Doylestown was using Sarcone's rolls. I think they have switched, and I am not sure who they are using now.

      3. I did a stint on grand jury duty in New Brunswick last year, and thought Jimmy Johns (only one in NJ) was pretty good for a chain sub shop. I could have done without all the kitschy quotes on the wall. But that probably appeals to the Rutgers crowd. Charley's grilled subs isn't bad either as far as food court options go. But nothing beats a good local Italian deli that cuts their sandwich meat to order and has good bread and fresh cut tomatoes.

        1. have gotten sandwiches from Primo's in Cherry Hill a couple of times, I like them because they have a lot of "italian style" sandwiches (chicken cutlet, eggplant, etc) both hot and cold. The bread is better than the other chains, chewy and dense.

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          1. re: BeeZee

            I am not a big fan of chain sandwich shops, but I love Primo! Have to get the primo bread with the seeds, it's really good. For $7-8 you get a nice sandwich, with good cheeses and meats. The salads are awesome too, as is the dirt pudding. The family goes to lunch there and we usually aren't hungry for dinner. Try it out.

          2. Primo's is pretty good. There's one on Nottingham Way in Hamilton Twp. near Saint Gregory's church. However, nearby on Rt. 33 is Little King maker of the best hoagies in the known universe.

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            1. re: TomDel

              Big +1 for Little King. Awesome subs.

            2. I've got to say I like the look of their product, especially the bread. (Primo)

              Just out of curiosity, since I"m not a big sub/hoagie guy, what ever happened to the "Blimpie" brand? Didn't they and Subway hit the market at about the same time? To my recollection there wasn't any difference between the product of Blimpie and Subway, but it seems Blimpie just faded away, while Subway enjoys continued success and growth.

              I will say I tried a Quizno's once, and was so uninspired by the sandwich, it was my once and only time. Could care less about that place.

              I'm not a huge subway fan either since it was pointed out to me they don't slice their own meat. Something just seems sketchy to me about having a sub shop without a single slicer. Just my opinion, nothing against them.

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              1. re: jrvedivici

                Blimpie is still around. More in Northern Jersey. There is one in Vorhees, several in and around Trenton, and one that I was not aware of in Norristown, PA..