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Jul 15, 2012 07:55 PM

Foodies in Budapest in November...this time bringing 15 month old.

My husband and I have traveled to Budapest before, approx 6 years ago and LOVED it! We LOVE authentic Hungarian food and could eat it every night!
We now have a baby who will be 15 months old when we travel there again in November. We are renting an apartment this time as we will be there for about 9 days. Last time, we enjoyed the food stands on the upper level of the Grand Market, as well as the "Owl's Castle" in the City Park after we enjoyed the Széchenyi thermal baths in the Park. We will definitely go back to those places, but I want to know if anyone has any ideas for take-away food and/or shopping for food during the day--to stay flexible and head off pre-nap meltdowns, as well as restaurants in both inexpensive and more expensive price ranges for dinner with great food that would also welcome a young child (she is well-behaved, and eats everything, but in small amts. so it would be best if she could just eat off our plates). We don't mind paying more money for a great meal, but concerned about bringing a kid into a place truly not meant for children.
Also, is it socially acceptable there to bring a child to a ruin bar or wine bar if it is not very late at night if we would like to have a drink before or after dinner?
Thanks in advance for advice!

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  1. I'm anxious to read the responses to this post, as I'll be in Budapest from 13 - 22 September, staying in an apartment just off Andrassy utca (Rózsa utca).

    1. go to the old jewish quarter, they are revamping it now and there are plenty of kids around. it is perfectly normal if you feed your kid from your plate. if you feel bad, you can allways order an appetiser, a dessert or a side dish for her, like a plate of vegetables. often, hungarian restaurants might have interesting side dishes, like pasta with cheese. letcho is also a very good summer dish for a kid, being made from tomatoes, peppers and saussage.

      if possible, try to eat outside in the street-gardens. atmosphere is better for the kids outside, they can run around more without bumping into tables and waiters. also, you can avoid smoke outside, many restaurants would allow smokers inside.

      it is perfectly all right if you take your kid to a wine bar, but order something for her. i mean non-alcoholic of course. in this region we like grape juices made into sodas. i dont know the hungarian version name but you can try to ask for it. its usually better than coca cola. again, sit outside if you can.

      1. We were in Budapest in July and did see couple with babies in strollers out to dinner at 8 p.m. Agree on ordering some food, or ensuring child is not screaming. There are a lot of cafes with outdoor seating, we only saw children outside but it was very hot

        1. Thanks for the information, I'll report back after our trip!