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Jul 15, 2012 06:56 PM

Real Summer Tomatoes

On Friday Sickles in Little Silver had what they called "Jersey Tomatoes" for sale at a premium price, but they were all of a uniform size and color (I refer to it as "ethelene pink"), and they felt chilled as if having spent time under refrigeration. :-P

Still waiting for blotchy cracked authentic field and heirloom tomatoes...

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  1. Well, if my Ocean County garden is any indication, I picked my first yellow pear tomatoes this past weekend, along with several uber sweet black cherry tomatoes - my heirlooms are still green but slowly turning - I anticipate they'll be ready to eat by this weekend...

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    1. re: newfie29

      I'm in the same boat - just a few straggler pears and one plum so far. Plenty of fruit on the other plants, but no real color yet. I'd say we're probably two weeks away from the first sandwich of summer.

      1. re: MGZ

        I have ripe grape tomatoes and a couple of green Romas. And 4 plants with just a few flowers on them and that's it. My tomatoes are awful this year!

    2. Wegmans has what they are labeling as New Jersey Grown Hot House Tomatoes....

      1. Mark, I have had some delicious Jersey grown tomatoes for two weeks now - from my favorite farmer up in Middlesex County.

        Have you checked the Asbury Park Farmer's Market yet? That's where I usually get mine, though I have to tell you, the farmer cited above has been growing organically with the farm a working farm for nearly 100 years - they use their own seed and the tomatoes let alone their corn is off the hook.

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          Just Jake:

          So whose your fav farmer in Middlesex? Yourself or someone we could purchase tomatoes from?

          1. re: eatinman

            Dieker's Farm, Bordentown Ave. Sayreville. Terrific farm that has been Preserved, the stand is not open every day (but is now open on the weekends); His farm his behind the stand and he also leases some farm land in the Cheesequake Rd area.

            His corn is typically the best I find anywhere, but there's so much more - garlic to beets, his peaches and plums have been 'to die for', to a variety of beans, to at least a dozen differnt varieties of hot peppers later in the season.

            Middlesex County had some of the best top soil in all of NJ, if not the country - too bad most of it has been stripped or paved over.

            1. re: JustJake

              Thanks for the prompt reply JustJake. will check out Dieker's Farms hours and go there this weekend

        2. As much as I hate it, Delicious Orchards has a rep for good local produce, including tomatoes. If you're will to drive a little bit, go to Matt's Market in Wall at the corner of Rt. 71 and 18th St. THOSE are tomatoes (along with squash,eggplant, corn, berries, onions, fruit...)

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            Stopped at Delicious Orchards today and they were selling the same uniform sized "ethylene pink" tomatoes that Sickles was carrying, though they were charging a dollar less per pound. Stopped at a small roadside stand on Rt 537 and they were not selling heirlooms either.

            1. re: equal_Mark

              Gorgeous tomatoes at Abma's Farm today!

            1. re: RGR

              I just wanted to thank RGR for her recommendation of Battleview Orchards. Every summer, I Iook forward to the best of NJ's produce, but lately I have been disappointed. I have grown my own tomatoes, but I'm not that great of a gardener, and even when they were delicious,my heart has been broken due to whiteflies, or fungus, or some other tomato growing catastrophe. I've given up, and only grow herbs.

              So, I took the short ride from Belmar to Freehold, and bought some lovely tomatoes. But what was so exciting was the corn! So tasty, so not over-sweet! It's the best corn we've had in years! So thanks, RGR, for pointing me in the right direction.