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Jul 15, 2012 06:31 PM

Gelatto shops near Spring Lake

Just wondering if anyone knows of any really good gelatto places near Spring Lake? There was a shop in Asbury Park on Cookman Avenue that had a outstanding biscotti gelatto. They changed owners about a year ago and prices changed as well. The new place doesn't seem quite up to the old place that we truly enjoyed.....

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  1. Not Sping Lake but in Freehold is a fantastic place for gelato! Unfortunately the name escapes me...sorry! I think it is something with 360. Someone will remember it I hope. The gelato is really good, and unfortunately this is one of my favorite desserts, so i speak from too much experience!

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      Cafe 360 in Freehold on Main St. The gelato is quite good. Had a blood orange the other day that was intensely flavored.

    2. You might check Mussuto's Market in Wall to see if they sell/serve's a full restaurant + market with lots of authentic Italian foods. If they don't have it, I'd ask if they know who in the area does. Or you could bail on the gelato idea and just go to Hoffman's for ice cream... :-)