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Jul 15, 2012 05:58 PM

Kosher in marseille/best of Paris

Heading to Paris for a weekend, then on to Provence, and looking for top picks for a few great meals. Haven't been to Paris in a few years, so looking for updates beyond l'as du falafel, but have never been to marseille, so looking for anyone w experience there. Thanks.

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  1. osmose, yayin for,meat
    tibs 17, linte cafe dairy
    Damyel for chocolate and divine macarons
    Last there in may 2012

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    1. re: koshergourmetmart

      Thanks! Are yayin and osmose similar? Preference for an anniversary meal? Unfortunately just heard the shabbos restaurants- les ailes and bistro 26 have close. Guess its shabbos with chabad!

        1. re: BigRedFoodieDoc

          They are different yayin is like pardes in bklyn. Both great

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            Alas yayin is closed next week when we're in paris. Any votes for 2nd place-after osmose- in Paris as far as special places that are anniversary-worthy?

      1. Probably too late to help you now, but here's a great blog post on Parisian kosher restaurants!

        1. Does anyone know of any kosher restuarants that are open Saturday night in Paris? (specifically on Sept 1)


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            Unfortunately, Shabbat gets out so late there I don't believe anything was open last sat night. Called a few places and they all said the same thing. Did have a few fantastic meals though. Started w osmose- located in a very residential/non-touristy area, but worth the trip. Modern decor, good wine list, great foie gras terrine, but standout was fantastic desert sampler plate. Next was l'inte cafe- again modern, upscale decor (why cant kosher places get that part right?)
            highlights were a gorgeous antipasti platter for at least 2 people and a wonderful mushroom risotto that was even good cold the next day. Finally, had Friday night dinner at Le Rafael, which appears to be the place outside of chabad doing Shabbat dinner. Menu is obviously prixe-fixe and you have to pay in advance. Again, a bit outside of the usual touristy areas, but still walking distance from opera area. Started w a slew of appetizers an a nice bottle of wine, moved on to tilapia in a tomato- based sauce, then chicken, veal , and a nice moroccan stew w a boat of couscous. You get a LOT o food for the money, if that's a consideration and a nice atmosphere for a Shabbat meal as well. Another highlight was the baked and prepared goods at Charles Traiteur. There are a few spread out around Paris, and I assume they have similar items, but the one at ave victor Hugo had spectacular pastries as well as prepared sandwiches and shabbat foods. Even better, they're considering opening a branch in new York in the next couple years! For future reference, though, despite the large number of kosher establishments, many places are closed in August. Enjoy!