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Jul 15, 2012 05:01 PM


Was planning on a romantic dinner @ L'effervescence on Saturday, but turns out they might be closed for a private party. Was wondering if there was any other contemporary French restaurant in Tokyo that would be similar, as far as the Chef's pedigree and style. Any suggestions?

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  1. check out Reverance or Florilege both 1 stars with French influence. Or Quintessence if you are willing to spend the dosh for it

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    1. re: NZJoe

      Thank you for the advice. Can't seem to find much reading (in english) about Reverence. Do you know anything about the Chef? Looks like the crew from Florilege cut their teeth @ Quintessence.

      If all else fails, I will probably go back to Quintessence. I had lunch a few months ago and thought it was an excellent meal. Still trying for L'effervescence...and will end up there at some point, but probably for lunch at this point.