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Jul 15, 2012 04:25 PM

Any Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Peninsula or South Bay?

I need to take my Japanese client for dinner. I work in SF so am not familiar with good places in the area. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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  1. That's a big geographical area....could you narrow it a bit?

    1. Are you sure they're going to want Japanese?? Japanese food in this area is not as good as Japanese food in Japan.

    2. Akane has good sushi,slightly casual for a client dinner depending on the client. Jin Sho is a little more formal, but the sushi can be a little uneven.

    For a long time Fuki Sushi was the mainstay for client dinners, but it edged on a bad meal the last time I was there.

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      Thank you for your reply. The client is coming from Cupertino and I will drive from SF so I am thinking somewhere between Buringame to Mountain View/Sunnyvale. I know the Japanese food in this area is not good as in Japan but the client just moved to this area.

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        Thank you. Kyoto style Kaiseki food at Wakuriya sounds very authentic. I was checking Mitsunobu in Menlo Park which seems new.

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          Wakuriya has a Michelin star, so your client might be impressed by that.

          Yes, Mitsunobu is newer.

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            You have to put in a lot of effort to get a spot at Wakuriya or so yelp says...

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              You do. Reservations are 1 month in advance with them being booked solid pretty much every night. but it was well worth it.

      2. Yu Zu Sushi(54-37th ave, san mateo) is a sister operation of sakae sushi, burlingame

        small space, 1/2 of patrons are elderly japanese. place fills up early
        webpage is in japanese if you need more info.
        interesting menu of japanese makimoto and tapas.

        1. Already mentioned are good ideas - here's a couple more -

          1. Jin Sho in Palo Alto was beloved by Steve Jobs, Japanese people love name brand like that.
          2. Sumika in Los Altos is a very authentic Yakitori experience
          3. You should just take them to Alexander's for an american steakhouse - with Kobe beef!
          4. Kapo Nami Nami in mountain view deserves more traffic. It's good, and fairly impressive without being over the top. Also kaiseki style, with good chinmi. The chefs don't speak much english.

          1. I haven't been to Japan so I'm not sure what's authentic, but Inshou in San Mateo (Marina Shopping Center) is wonderful and most of the patrons are Japanese. It's small plates, and very different from most of the Japanese restaurants around here.

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              fyi, the owner of inshou is chinese, i believe.