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Jul 15, 2012 03:59 PM

real coppa/capicola in Montreal

Is there anywhere where I can find the real stuff? I can only find the wet cured (ham?) with paprika on the edges in here

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  1. Les Cochons tout rond makes coppa. Kiosks in the JTM and Atwater.

    1. Not sure how "real" you're talking about, but you can find whole, house-cured capicola at Frutta Si and Fruterie Dollard in Lasalle
      Looks like this
      I'd suggest a visit to Frutta Si - its a pretty large market with plenty other goodies (they do house sausage, cotecchine, offal, whole pig leg and shoulder etc etc) . Fruterie Dollard is primarily a fruit/veg place with a small deli section.