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Jul 15, 2012 03:31 PM

Milwaukee: cola flavoured slushees (pls indulge me)

Please indulge a very pregnant woman :) and a newbie to Milwaukee.

Wondering if there are cola flavoured slushees available here? My very patient husband drove me around today and all we could find was red (cherry) and blue (which I'm assuming is blueberry)... Is cola just a Canadian thing?

Apologies for the random question! Hope to be more helpful next time !

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  1. I can make and deliver if needed. Caffine or caffine free?
    Having sent things like a gallon of merkt's sharp cheese to texas and spicy thai sausage to my sister in law Overnight I can relate to your poor husband.

    My wife was only interested in pizza, so I got off easy.

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      Spicy Thai sausage? Details, please!

      1. re: Fowler

        Sorry for the delay.
        My sister-in-law(s) are from Thailand. One night I got a call from the BIL who is in rural KY, who begged me to get some "garbeled southern accent translation of Thai" something, something, sausage. I knew of only one Thai store at the time, (long gone, now a Muslim friendly place). I went there and the whole family who owned the store (including grade schoolers) came out to help try and figure out what was needed. Wonderful people. After a (long) attempt to figure things out, the grandmother's face lit up and she went (I swear!) "Pig A**holes!" and took me to the NAM sausage. She was right (as I found out sending their entire stock fedex to my BIL who considers me his savior) . The younger kids were in hysterics.

        Now the only place I know to get NAM sausage is at the Thai asian market on Silver Spring in Men Falls. A wonderful woman runs it, and she has such a following when I stopped by one time for a drink from the cooler I could not get into the place because so many local buyers were waiting for her husband's produce truck to arrive.

        Rhino foods used to carry it but they did not have it the last time I went there for it.

        1. re: exvaxman

          Have you checked out Pacific Produce on S. 27th?

    2. I believe we have cola flavored slushies in New Berlin at the Speedway on the corner of Greenfield and Sunnyslope. I will indulge you and drive by there on my way home from work today to check it out. I know they have Mountain Dew slushies (a mom's worst nightmare), and I believe they have had cola ones in the past. I'll let you know in a few hours.

      1. Do you have 7/11 convenience stores? They have the best coke slurpees. That is how we get throught the summer down in Florida.

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          7/11 moved out years ago. They just purchased a local chain to move back.

        2. I think Burger King has them? I don't know if they do in the area, but I remember about ten years ago one in Rockford had them.

          (and blue is blue raspberry usually, I think. Just in case you decide cherry or blue is better than nothing and then are hoping for blueberry)

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          1. re: cookingofjoy

            Thanks everyone! I've decided to make my own At home... Not exactly the same thing but good enough for now!

            Well now onto my newest craving-- hotdogs!

            1. re: ginkonut

              Ah, hot dogs! A number of grocers in town [mostly Sendik's but there are a few others] carry Gilbert's Craft Sausages. Their hot dog is called The Froman, an uncured all-beef dog. It is the best I have tasted in a long long time!


              1. re: Fydeaux

                Excellent advice. Their dog is very good as well as their other sausages.

              2. re: ginkonut

                For hot dogs (natural casing), I actually like Meisfields (Sheboygan - my favorite butcher store) over anything local. However, as much as the Klemets outlet has been raising prices to make it to the point for the standard products you are almost as well of to get at the local grocery, they often have some deals. Not as much as in the past, not sure if they got a new marketing "person" to raise the prices, but if you have the chance to drop into their outlet.